Located on the south side of the Mount Royal, The Crestwood is located on the right hand side of Atwater avenue, going uphill, on a land bought from the «Gentlemen Ecclesiastics of the Seminary of St. Sulpice» (to whom Louis XIV of France had awarded seigneurial rights to the whole island of Montreal in 1663). What remains today of the vast land site is known as the «Domaine des Messieurs de St-Sulpice», an estate that includes the «Collège de Montréal» and the «Grand Séminaire de Montréal», the old Fort, the chapel, and other various buildings.

After the second world war, the Sulspicians figured they wouldn’t take any more expansion for their College and seminar so they decided in 1946 to sell their excess land located at the back of the property, bordered by Atwater Avenue.

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